The Best Time to Find Your Next Opportunity

There are two different scenarios for you to move to a new career opportunity:

  1. When you want to make the change.
    This happens when you understand that this is the right time to move on in order to learn new opportunities.
  2. The other scenario is when the market wants you.
    In this scenario, the market is valuing your skills, expertise, and experience.The companies might be pinging you on LinkedIn, and recruiters might be calling you. 

In the second scenario, there is a chance for you to feel like you are not really ready for your next jump. If you ever feel like that, always rethink that. Think twice or thrice.

Opportunities are always created in the market. Market forces decide when certain skills are going to be in demand. So, when the market is calling you, you must pay attention. Because when the market is calling you, it means that your skills and experience are in demand. 

And, when the market forces call you, it might be your big leadership break. You can negotiate better. You will be in the driver’s seat in that process. 

So how do you get the market to pull you? 

  1. Get known for your expertise
  2. Help others create value
  3. Build a personal brand
  4. Tell your story.