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Most professionals aren’t getting the career success they richly deserve despite being smart, talented and hard-working.

Our products help them to avoid years of pain, move to key leadership positions and command higher compensation.

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“The current downtime is an important time to invest in yourself. It is an opportunity to chart a new career path that is uniquely yours. A path that excites you and energizes you.

Unlock! provides the 7 essential steps to not only weather this storm but to discover yourself in a new way, reimagine your career and lead your way to leadership success.”

Individual Programs

Prepare for a successful leadership career with our digital products and coaching.

Corporate Programs

Help your team to achieve next-level business results; for companies from Fortune 500 to startups.

What can you expect?

Our promise is simple: this will be one of the most exciting and enriching experiences of your professional life. A personal transformation journey towards a bold career strategy and a rewarding leadership flywheel.

Plot Your Strategy

Develop a flexible career strategy that builds on your strengths and provides innovative career paths

Lead the Change

Identify market trends early and ride those trends rather than bring impacted by them

Build Your Brand

Develop an executive presence and build your personal brand with cutting edge online tools

Demonstrate Leadership

Leadership is not a title. Leadership is action. Develop the mindset and skillset to become the leader your aspire to be.


You owe it to yourself to listen to Abhijeet’s advice. always!

Pankaj, Tech Product Leader

CareerTiger is an amazing resourse. I landed an exciting new opportunity in weeks!

Samantha, Content Marketing Lead

Trust Abhijeet to come up with innovative and practical ideas for career leadership!

Don, Tech and Telecom Leader

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