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How to update your resume – 10 easy changes you can make to your resume right now to stand out + the highest rated 25 Resume Formats for you in 2020. [25 FREE RESUME TEMPLATES DOWNLOAD]

Don’t settle for good when you can have the best resume, Are you looking out for the Best Resume Format for your next career opportunity?


In a nutshell, the purpose of your resume is to tell a (short) story about who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do. And your personal story better impress recruiters / hiring managers, otherwise, no job for you.

Need a great resume

Don’t worry, I will help you to build your profile with the right resume format. Also, I will share the amazing 10 easy changes you can make for your resume which would help you to find career opportunities.

If you’re wondering how to create a resume, you’re in the right place!

Let's edit your resume

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career—to get noticed by potential employers/recruiters, your professional resume needs to knock their socks off.

Your resume is much more than a compilation of your work history; it’s a tool that lets hiring managers know that you’re the candidate they’ve been hoping for.


Choosing the right resume format is very important, Different resume formats allow you to choose which professional attributes to highlight.

I have plenty of resume formats to help you get your resume in tip-top shape.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to make your resume. I’m here to walk you through 10 easy steps to completely transform your resume to stand out.

When we sent out a resume as part of the job-hunting process to any recruiter or hiring managers, guess what happens?

Average time spend by Recruiter

They spend very less time on your resume. On average, they spend about six seconds.

What does that mean? That means all the great skills, experience, achievements that you have, they’re not highlighted. They don’t get noticed.

And guess what? You don’t get that job interview.

Job Hunting

That’s right. Resume is the first step towards getting into that interview process with a company. So it’s an important one.

So how can we get recruiters to look at our resumes much longer?

Here are the 10 EASY CHANGES you can make to your RESUME right now to STAND OUT.

10 Easy Resume Changes

We’re going to use your old resume so that we transformed that resume and go to your new resume. 10 steps, 10 minutes. And these steps are an increasing amount of challenges, which means we’re going to look at the easy ones first and then some of the more challenging ones later.

How to Make Perfect Resume

STEP 1. How To Make Your Resume

How To Make Your Resume

Can we make it two pages or less?

One page is ideal, but two pages are okay. If you can’t make it two pages, don’t worry. There’s a bunch of steps that are following this one that will help you to make your resume fit into pages and make it more readable.


Remove Objective

I’ve seen this innumerable times. People have objective in their resume.

If I’m the hiring manager, right, and if I’m looking at the resume and objective means nothing to me, that’s because the objective is something that’s for you as a hiring person. The objective makes no sense to me because I’m in it to make sure I get the right candidate.

The objective for a candidate is not important on your resume. In fact, there might be times when an objective works against you rather than for you. It is in her best interest to get rid of objectives from the resume and it will also give you a little bit more real estate.



Make sure you remove the references section. Again, that gives you back real estate, but more importantly, references are like so what, everybody has references and of course, if the hiring manager needs references, they will reach out to you and make sure they ask for references.

It doesn’t make sense to put it on the resume. A lot of times I also see, references available on request.

No point in putting that either because that’s self-explanatory. Remove the references section, get back some real estate and make sure you put only the important information in your resume.


Update Contact Info in your resume

Make sure you update your contact information. Make sure you update with your name, your phone number, your email address, your total residential address. You may actually remove it, maybe put in the city and the state, but that’s pretty much. it because you’re trying to make sure that you take less real estate with your contact information, but then also make sure that we protect your privacy and not give out too much information to anybody out there.

If you have, top leadership, if you have a blog or if you have a presentation that’s really important for this job or for this domain, absolutely please share those links maybe towards the end of your resume. That would be an important way for you to distinguish yourself.

STEP 5. Readability

Use Standard Fonts in Your Resume

Another one is from a readability standpoint, make sure you use standard fonts like Calibri or Arial. Make sure you also use light fonts.

Why is light fonts important?

Because light fonts enhance the readability and it’s easy on the eyes of the recruiter or the hiring manager can read it comfortably.

STEP 6. Use New Line and Indentation more often.

Use New Line and Indentation

Make sure you use newline and indentation more often, what does that mean?

Make sure you use more lines, so when you complete a sentence, make sure you punch new line or you make sure your structure, your sentences, etc., in a way that there is an indentation to the left and you make sure there are tabs to show that and then Indentation.

Why is that important? It makes your resume more readable.

Again, using newlines is important, otherwise, you may feel that your resume is just basically a whole bunch of words put into one single big paragraph. Use a new line, use an annotation and bonus. Use a lot of bullet points that actually helps on your resume.

STEP 7. Professional Summary On The Top Of Your Resume.

Put Professional Summary on top of your resume

This is important. Let’s spend some time here. Put a professional summary on the top of your resume. The first thing a hiring manager or recruiter that they see on your resume. It should be a professional summary. It should be Crisp, It should be to the point and it should be made above less than five sentences and it should be a really a representation of you as a professional.

Making sure that your professional summaries punchy is what gets attention and it really gets your message across as a professional and it really enabled the hiring manager or the recruiter to see that there is a fit with what they’re hiring for and what you bring to the table.

Professional summary is one of the most important parts of your resume, so when you are going and editing a professional summary, make sure it’s clear, make sure it has shorter sentences, clear simple words and also make sure it puts you in a light that you see. You’re seen as a strategic leader, you’re seen as a top leader. You’re seen as someone that can really bring a lot of value to that company or that domain that is being hired for.

STEP 8. ADD Relevant Experience.

ADD Relevant Experience.

Relevant experience is about when you’re applying for a certain job or vertical or domain, make sure there is a section called relevant experience and you put in the right experience that is relevant for that domain.

For example, if you’re interviewing for a marketing role, make sure you put in the relevant marketing skills and experience in that relevant experience section.

Another one is skills. Let’s say if you’re a technical person, make sure you add a skill section and say, these are my core skills. Now be careful Microsoft Excel is not really a skill. Analytics could be a skill, so make sure you’re able to put skills in the most relevant area, in a skill section, or create a relevant experience section.

This allows you to make sure you are becoming a fit for the role that’s being considered. This is important. A lot of people overlook it. This is of your important tools to make sure that you add this and get aligned to the job that’s being hired for.


Bullet Point with a strong verb

For each bullet that’s on your resume. You make sure you start that with a strong verb.

What is a strong verb?

It could be design, optimize, develop, and create. All of those things and those type of words are strong words that shows that this is the activity that you’ve been responsible for.

Bonus points. If you can create more data points for this. For example, I designed this and this is what happened. This was the result. This was the outcome.

That’s a huge bonus.

If you can show those outcomes on your resume, your resume will be flying. Start with a verb and then go and create the outcome. Optimized this area and this created the out. This was the outcome that was created. I define this and this became this new definition, created a new vision, created a new strategy, helped the company grow. All of those things are very important. Start with a verb. Create an outcome. That’s how you can create a really punchy experience area and you can add that to various parts of your resume.

STEP 10. Create a PDF Resume

Create a PDF Resume

Last but not the least.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many Microsoft word or Google resume I get. The best way to send a resume is to create a PDF.

Look, you have this now you have 10 ways that you can create readability. You have the right messaging and you have the right fit as part of your resume, and you’re really telling a great story to the recruiter or the hiring manager.


I have plenty of resume formats to help you get your resume in tip-top shape.

Download Free Resume Template and Create Your Resume by using the above 10 Easy Resume Changes to get career opportunities.

Thank You. Career Tiger
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Predictions for 2020 and beyond

The year now is 2020! Happy new year! And a happy new decade!

I like the sound of 2020, like clear vision. Perfect time to share some predictions for 2020 and beyond – on tech, on politics and other macro trends.

There are some positives and there are some negatives. So here they are in no particular order. 

1. There will be a big tech break-up or not quite?

Prediction number one – there will be big tech breakup (or not quite?). There will be some noise in the system to break up big tech – companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. And there could also be some possible class action against Amazon for copying other brands.

The government, they will end up scoring, I would say a symbolic victory. And most of the tech companies will be able to work around these legal changes. The result – everyone wins except consumers. Because these companies will continue their march towards complete world domination and the politicians, they will be able to score some brownie points.

2.Trump wins in 2020

Prediction number two – Trump wins in 2020. Primarily because Democrats will not have a strong leader and will not have clear messaging. This is nothing new for Democrats because, except Obama, they’ve not really had a great leader with a clear strategy, great communication and mass appeal in the last 20 years.

This is not exactly a tech prediction, but given that a lot of our politics is now influenced by the tech we use, this is also a tech prediction.

3. The US avoids recession in 2020

Prediction number three – the US avoids recession in 2020. I predict either a good year or a great year. And assuming Trump wins again, we may actually see a melt-up in the stock market. Having said that, we’ve gone sort of the longest time in history without at least a 20% pullback. Which means the major stock correction is around the corner. It’s not a matter of if, but it’s a matter of when. Nobody knows when this pullback will happen. So the investing strategy that works all the time is time in the market is better than timing the market.

4. AI creates new jobs in 2020 and beyond

Prediction number four – AI creates new jobs in 2020 and beyond. Many of these jobs will be created as a result of AI’s evolution. These jobs will have brand new titles and have completely new job descriptions. A lot of the knowledge workers and tech workers essentially will become the trainers and curators of Artificial Intelligence.

As AI goes from general-purpose, the AI that we see as in Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, it will evolve into more of a purpose-built AI. We will see the need to hire more people from the industry that have subject matter experts who can train these AI engines.So these will be brand new opportunities created through AI.

5.More inequality

Prediction number five – higher inequality. Automation and AI will start to create some displacement of workers, not only in blue-collar (although that’s going to be a lot of them) but also in white-collar workers. The gig economy that we’re seeing through Uber and other platforms, it will start to spread to white-collar workers as well. Digitization will move all atoms to bits and so anything that can be digitized will be digitized.

So if there are jobs out there that involve acting as an intermediary or have sort of low value repeated tasks, those will likely get disrupted. So the displacement in jobs is not to displays the entire job. But it will likely carve out a lot of the tasks that are repeatable. A low value is of intermediary nature.

6. From Coastland to Heartland

Prediction number six – from Coastland to Heartland. The movement of knowledge workers from the Coastland to the Heartland gains momentum in 2020. Case in point, if you’re looking for a one way you haul, it costs about four times for people to move from California to Texas, then to move from Texas to California. And people on the coasts are really dealing with a lot of issues. They are facing a rising cost of living, including real estate, among other things. They are facing bad infrastructure, their traffic commutes are getting worse because of congestion. And the general quality of life versus the price that they’re paying is not adding up. So a lot of these are driving people to move and the new tax law, it’s going to be the last straw to break the camel’s back.

This will be the year when people file for taxes. They really started to understand the impact of the new tax law on their take-home pay. More people will make the move from the coast, both those coasts to the Heartland in 2020. You know, one interesting nature of this is because of this move, many of the Heartland states, they will turn from red to purple to blue over a period of time. Politically speaking, of course.

7. Startups focus on profitability

Prediction number seven – startups focus on profitability. You know, when we started talking about coastland, it’s also important to talk about what’s going on within the coast – the startup scene. After the WeWork Debacle, the VC community is now asking for profitability from startups. So it will no longer be the mantra of growing at all costs, but it will be about profitable growth.

And this will throw a wrench in the way startups are organized and how they go to the market and so these are very interesting times ahead in terms of how the startups pivot and they cross the chasm of profitable growth in both the enterprise market as well as the consumer market.

8. SaaS organizational evolution

Prediction number eight – SaaS organizational evolution. Would this new direction towards profitability? A lot of startups and established tech companies will have to rethink their operating models. This means there will be some evolution in the way SaaS companies acquire, retain, and renewing customers.

We’ve already seen a lot of these subscription companies move away from the traditional funnel type of way to work with customers to a flywheel model of continuously acquiring, retaining and renewing customers. And because of that, SaaS companies will go through some evolution. They will organize their marketing, sales, customer success, and other functions differently. It’s likely that we will see some hybrid organizations emerge out of this evolution. Very exciting stuff.

9. New non-US unicorns

Prediction number nine – new non-US unicorns. The higher penetration is already bringing about more people online than ever before in Asia. And especially that’s true in India and China. The first unicorns are already in play. Didi Chuxing, Kuaishou, Paytm, Grab, OYO, Ola – all of these companies are already unicorns.

In 2020 and beyond, we will see far more unicorn startups. Because software starts to eat the world in Asian markets across multiple industries. So they will be eating the software, will eat the market and transport, finance, food, e-commerce, real estate, infrastructure, and many other industries. So watch out for those Asian unicorns.

10. The first commercially successful climate change company

Prediction number ten – we will see the emergence of the first commercially successful climate change company. In 2020 and beyond, we will likely see the first company that will address climate change. It will have great technology and will have a commercial business model that can scale rapidly.

It could be something like removing plastics from oceans and using that plastic to create highways. I don’t know. Or it might be creating more artificial hair for me, that would be useful, right? Well, there will be a company that will crack the code in terms of making commercially successful climate change technology and that will pave the way for other companies to follow. We will address climate change without taxing everyone to death.

Did I mention 10 predictions? I lied. I’ve got a couple more. What are you going to do? Close the blog? No, you’re going to keep reading because the FOMO is too strong on this one. 

11. The death of Blockchain

Prediction number eleven – the death of Blockchain. Blockchain and its current form will not get massive adoption. There aren’t many use cases. Quite frankly, blockchain is a threat to governments, banks, and other industries. Why would they use it unless it changes? So in most B2B organizations, they will say ‘no, thank you’ to blockchain in its current form until there are better use cases of blockchain. Sorry, blockchain!

12. Subscription business model

Prediction number twelve – a subscription business model. In 2020 and beyond, many industries will turn to the subscription business model. So it’s not just what happens in tech. In tech, we’ve already seen software as a service (SaaS) become the prevalent subscription business model. But now we will see other industries taking up the subscription business model.

Case in point, the launch of Disney plus. Disney plus recently launched and now it has 10 million subscriptions. Expect subscription products to become the norm in other industries – it could be financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing, and many others.

13. Healthcare

Prediction number thirteen – healthcare. In 2020 we will finally see the introduction of a competitive health plan outside of the traditional insurance companies and the government. It will likely come from a diamond Bezos buffet and associates. It will include competitive pricing and it’s likely that it will come with tracking of your health through devices and tracking off your grocery bill. So the more you exercise, the healthier you eat, the lower is your insurance premium. Will it be a reality? Well, a guy can dream, right?

Those were the top predictions for 2020 and beyond across tech, politics, and other macro trends. Please subscribe to get more industry knowledge and leadership videos. Please like and share. And comment, especially if you violently agreed or violently disagreed with me. A happy new year and have a fantastic 2020.

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Episode 7: Career Nation Show with Shreesha Ramdas; CEO Strikedeck / SVP @ Medallia

“Customer Success will be an even bigger opportunity than marketing automation”.

Shreesha Ramdas joins us in Ep 7 of the Career Nation Show. He was the CEO of Strikedeck, a Customer Success SaaS platform, and now SVP at Medallia after the acquisition.

Shreesha is a successful serial entrepreneur and shares many nuggets during the show

  1. He shares his remarkable career journey from being an engineer to leading startups that have had successful exists
  2. How he looks forward to meeting people “we learn more from people than we learn from browsers”.
  3. How companies like Atlassian and Zoom are using Customer Success for subscription growth
  4. His favorite CS metrics and also some lesser-known metrics that SaaS companies should pay more attention to
  5. How scaling of CS through automation is at the heart of Strikedeck and Medallia
  6. He shares his favorite app, book, restaurant and quote “Everybody is in Customer Success”
  7. Future career opportunities that will come in at the intersection of CX and CS