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Episode 7: Career Nation Show with Shreesha Ramdas; CEO Strikedeck / SVP @ Medallia

“Customer Success will be an even bigger opportunity than marketing automation”.

Shreesha Ramdas joins us in Ep 7 of the Career Nation Show. He was the CEO of Strikedeck, a Customer Success SaaS platform, and now SVP at Medallia after the acquisition.

Shreesha is a successful serial entrepreneur and shares many nuggets during the show

  1. He shares his remarkable career journey from being an engineer to leading startups that have had successful exists
  2. How he looks forward to meeting people “we learn more from people than we learn from browsers”.
  3. How companies like Atlassian and Zoom are using Customer Success for subscription growth
  4. His favorite CS metrics and also some lesser-known metrics that SaaS companies should pay more attention to
  5. How scaling of CS through automation is at the heart of Strikedeck and Medallia
  6. He shares his favorite app, book, restaurant and quote “Everybody is in Customer Success”
  7. Future career opportunities that will come in at the intersection of CX and CS
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Episode 6: Career Nation Show with Diane Adams, Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Sprinklr

Does culture matter?

Diane Adams, Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Sprinklr joins us to answer this question and shares amazing career advice on the Career Nation Show.

Here are some highlights from the episode

  1. Diane shares her career journey
  2. Why is culture important?
  3. How is culture important during the hiring process?
  4. How the interviewing process at Sprinklr ensures alignment between new hires’ values and the company’s values and culture
  5. Diane’s favorites: apps, books, quotes and restaurant!
  6. Her advice to Career Nation: ” Do  You” be yourself and be authentic