Episode 22 | Career Nation Show with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen

If we’re not willing to step on our fear, even intense fear, even stuttering fear, right? I’m stuttering, shaking fear. If we’re willing to step on that fear with some courage, you never know how magnificent the answer will be, and it might so far exceed what you expected. So again, you have everything to […]

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Episode 20 | Career Nation Show with Shellye Archambeau

Shellye Archambeau is a Silicon Valley leader, who is one of High Tech’s first female African American CEOs. She has been featured frequently in Forbes and New York Times and Business Insider and has been an executive at IBM, CEO of blockbuster.com, and then the turnaround CEO for a Silicon Valley startup, which is now […]

Episode 21 | Career Nation Show with Gautam Ganglani

I turned to my dad for his advice. He told me there are 3 steps to take whenever you face a challenge: surround yourself with the right people — learn continuously — take action. I soon changed schools, applied my dad’s advice, and my outlook on life changed. Since that day, I have only looked […]

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Three key ways that career coaching helps your career growth and increase your compensation

1. Helps you get to a whole new level 2. Helps you get there in months and not years 3. The downside of not getting help is that the gap between your expectations and reality increases with each passing day. Which creates frustration. And it leads to even more bad career decisions because of ‘Hail […]

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Episode 18 | Career Nation Show with Brian Lillie

“When you’re passionate about getting to the right answer or doing a great job, you’re not there to just get by. You want to approach it with energy and passion. Otherwise, that’s not a life worth living.” – Brain Lillie, Career Nation Show, Episode 18. Brian Lillie is a U.S. Air Force veteran; he has […]

Apply Design Thinking to Your Jobs and Area of Work

If there were no problems, we wouldn’t need leaders.  As a leader, one of your major jobs is to solve the problems and challenges around you. You need to become the visionary who is able to find the best possible solutions in a cost-effective manner.  The New Problem Solver Solving problems requires creative and non-restrictive […]

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How to update your resume – 10 easy changes you can make to your resume right now to stand out + the highest rated 25 Resume Formats for you in 2020. [25 FREE RESUME TEMPLATES DOWNLOAD]

Don’t settle for good when you can have the best resume, Are you looking out for the Best Resume Format for your next career opportunity? HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST RESUME FORMAT In a nutshell, the purpose of your resume is to tell a (short) story about who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do. And your personal story […]

Clarity of Purpose Drives Productivity

As a leader, you’re trying to create an impact by striving for exceptional results.  During this journey, your team members should understand the purpose of your team. Why does this team exist? Or, if you want to go macro, why does this company exist?  Surprisingly, many leaders are unable to answer this question. A recent […]

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Establish a Trusted Advisor Relationship to Grow Your Brand

If you’re a trusted advisor, you’ve gained the credibility and trust of your customers and stakeholders. Trusted advisors are very influential, and they can advise their stakeholders and help them make critical decisions. In a world where trust is hard to come by, being a trusted advisor is rare, precious, and it’s commendable. That’s why […]

The Best Time to Find Your Next Opportunity

There are two different scenarios for you to move to a new career opportunity: When you want to make the change.This happens when you understand that this is the right time to move on in order to learn new opportunities. The other scenario is when the market wants you.In this scenario, the market is valuing […]